Glitter Tattoos

Sparkly and fun, our glitter tattoos are a beautiful addition to any party. Loved by kids and adults a like, there are a variety of glitter tattoo designs offered. Tattoos are applied with cosmetic grade glitter and glue meant for the skin. The tattoos can last 3-5 days and make for a fun take away fit for your guests. Glitter tattoo's are water proof so they are a great option for pool parties or celebrations with water balloons. When desired, Glitter Tattoos can easily be removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. 

Have a design in mind? We can provide custom tattoo designs for your event (company logo, etc) with a small additional fee. 

glitter tattoos.jpg



Crazy Hair

Not just for the Alaska State Fair, Crazy Hair is a fun addition to your outdoor (or well ventilated) event. Let our crew turn your party a little crazy! Using temporary color hairsprays we add fantastic color, glitter, and stencil designs to make this a party you will never forget. 


Airbrush Tattoos

Get realistic looking Tattoo’s that will last a few days! We use liquid body paint in an airbrush to create these looks. They come to life fast! Our first gig for this was at a High School in Anchorage and they all LOVED it! Great for kids and adults.


airbrush tattoo.png

Glitter Hair

A more affordable and magical alternative to Crazy Hair

glitter hairs.png

Airbrush Hats

Each child receives a custom hat. They choose the colors, text, background and a custom hat is created just for them!