Face Painting

Known for our supberb face painting Color Me Fun is proud to offer a wide array of fun face body paint designs. We paints little kids all the way up to there grand parents! We’ve painted at many birthday parties, employee picnics, holiday parties, wedding receptions. you name it! Let us paint some color and fun at your next event.


Glitter Tattoos

Sparkly and fun, our glitter tattoos are a beautiful addition to any party. Loved by kids and adults a like, there are a variety of glitter tattoo designs offered. Tattoos are applied with cosmetic grade glitter and glue meant for the skin. The tattoos can last 3-5 days and make for a fun take away fit for your guests. Glitter tattoo's are water proof so they are a great option for pool parties or celebrations with water balloons. When desired, Glitter Tattoos can easily be removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. 

Have a design in mind? We can provide custom tattoo designs for your event (company logo, etc) with a small additional fee. 

glitter tattoos.jpg



Balloon Art

Encourage kids to laugh and play with there twisted balloons while adding lots of color and fun to your event! We have basic balloon artist, a cowboy balloon artist (entertaining Alaska for over 30 yeasr!) and a balloon artist extraordinaire who can twist almost anything, and sometimes even behind his back!


Crazy Hair

Not just for the Alaska State Fair, Crazy Hair is a fun addition to your outdoor (or well ventilated) event. Let our crew turn your party a little crazy! Using temporary color hairsprays we add fantastic color, glitter, and stencil designs to make this a party you will never forget. 


Airbrush Tattoos

Get realistic looking Tattoo’s that will last a few days! We use liquid body paint in an airbrush to create these looks. They come to life fast! Our first gig for this was at a High School in Anchorage and they all LOVED it! Great for kids and adults.


airbrush tattoo.png

Airbrush Hats

Each child receives a custom hat. They choose the colors, text, background and a custom hat is created just for them!