Frequently Asked Questions:

How far ahead do I need to book your services?
Availability is on a first come, first served basis.  If your party time is not flexible, you should plan to book as early as possible to be sure your time slot is available.  Call at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance to be sure you can get the date you want.  For summer bookings its best to book about 6 weeks in advance. Don't let this deter you for trying booking last minute, we have many artists available. 

How do I get the paint off of my child's/my face?
Usually warm water on a soft cloth will take off most of the paint, and for darker colors, a high quality wet wipe will finish the job.  If you find that there is some slight staining of the skin, you can apply some moisturizer or baby oil, wait a few minutes and wash with soap and water again.  Be sure to take off paint before putting the kids to bed as it may not come out of fabrics as easily as it does from skin.

Do I need to have supervision while you are entertaining?
Yes, As an entertainer, we cannot always be watching for little ones.  In case there are any children that wander off or start to cause a problem for the others participating, we recommend that there be a few parents nearby to be responsible for those children.

What kind of face paints do you use?
We use only professional, FDA compliant face paints that have been tested to be as safe as possible for use on children's skin. There are several brands of professional face paints, but we use mainly WolfFXParadise by MehronSnazarooGlobalChameleon, Tag and FAB.  They are more of a water activated make-up than a paint. Also, because of the water-solubility of the paints, face painting may not be suited for certain events such as pool parties and water balloon fights or should be scheduled for when the guests will no longer be in water.   

What kind of balloons do you use?
Qualatex twisting balloons. 

Things to consider before hiring an artist/entertainer

Artists are a great way to add color and entertainment to any kind of event, party, festival, or fundraiser, and are a wonderful treat for guests of all ages!  When hiring an artist for an event, you want to think about a couple things in advance:

Time:  Do you want all of your guests to have an opportunity to participate in the service? For example, consider how fast your artist can paint, and how long your party will last, as we require a minimum of one hour booked time to appear at an event.  If it is an event for children, consider that some of the adults attending may also be interested in having their faces painted.  At large events such as carnivals or stadium events, the artist may need to cut off lines up to half an hour in advance of the end of their booking period so that they do not run over time, although the artist may work overtime if they are available and the event coordinator approves the additional paid time.

Location:  Artists require about 4'x6' of space to work, preferably indoors or shielded from wind, rain, direct sunlight, and cold weather.  It is also necessary to have a reasonable separation between loudspeakers and the artists in order for the artists to communicate with guests to find out what they would like.  While it is preferable that the event provide equipment such as tables, chairs, and awnings (for outdoor events), we are able to provide our own, at an additional cost, if needed.  Face painters will need access to parking as close as possible to the event for the transportation of materials.